If you are interested in supporting Lewy Body Research at the University of Iowa there are a couple of options listed below:

Online: For Parkinson's dementia or Lewy Body dementia, please click here:  givetoiowa.org/lewy  If desired, provide information regarding "in honor of" or "in memory of".  

To directly support Alzheimer's disease research or a related dementia (Frontotemporal), please go here. Please include a note indicating the disease of interest. 

By mail:  You can make a check payable to University of Iowa Center for Advancement and reference the Lewy Body Dementia Research Fund or the Neurology- Alzheimer's Disease Research FundPlease note the person you are honoring, if applicable.   Mail to:  UI Center for Advancement, One West Park Road, Iowa City, IA 52242

In person:  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or setting up a fund in your name, please contact:

     Meghann Litton  
     Assistant Director of Development  
     University of Iowa Center for Advancement
     P.O. Box 4550
     Iowa City, IA 52244-4550  
     1-319-467-3865 | 1-800-648-6973  

Donate your Brain to Research (some day):  One of the most amazing donations you can make is to support research though a donation of your brain after death. There are so many things we still don't understand about these diseases, and there is a critical need to examine the parts of the brain responsible, because every single person is different. Unfortunately, not enough people donate, and we can only learn so much from mice.  If you are interested in eventually making an ultimate gift, please discuss directly with Dr. Aldridge any questions you may have. To ensure a smooth process, registration should be done ahead of time by calling 319-467-7000 and asking to pre-enroll for brain donation to Marco Hefti (the pathologist). However, if a patient with Lewy Body or any other dementia has already passed, please immediately call the decedent Care Team at 319-467-7000 and mention Dr. Marco Hefti.