Ongoing Research projects:

A drawing of a brain with SMASH Dementia! next to a colorful hammer over the drawn brain.

SMASH Dementia! This is a study and patient registry designed to help better understand how sleep, mood, and arousal symptoms are interconnected in patients with dementia and healthy aging participants. The study is currently funded through a Research Program of Execellence through the Iowa Neuroscience Institute and the Roy Carver Charitable Trust. For more information, please see the "SMASH Dementia!" tab or CLICK HERE.

Human Autopsy Research: Please remember to sign up to eventually donate your brain to science, regardless of your age or state of health. There is no better donation and we need your help. For more information, speak with your neurologist, contact Dr. Aldridge, or CLICK HERE.

Upcoming research Projects:

Our team is applying for funding to start treatment trials in some populations. Check back here for more details in the future. 

Completed research projects, publications and reviews on these diseases: (These are our human research publications, to see mouse research, clinic here:  CLICK HERE)


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