Welcome to the Aldridge Laboratory:

Georgina Aldridge

Dr. Georgina Aldridge is a neurologist and neuroscientist whose specializes in treating and diagnosing patients with cognitive disorders, including those with Lewy Body dementia/Parkinson's disease dementia. In these patients, the protein alpha-synuclein aggregates, leading to severe multi-system symptoms, including hallucinations, loss of smell, dementia, imbalance, fluctuating confusion, and anxiety/depression. Our main goal is to understand the role that pathology and protein misfolding in the cortex plays in the development of these symptoms. 

 Dr. Aldridge and her team use 2-photon microscopy to image neuronal structure (dendritic spines, dendrites, and axons) and function (calcium imaging) over time in living mice to evaluate how alpha-synuclein and other proteins involved in neurodegenerative conditions lead to changes in cortical function.

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