Science requires reproducibility. It is the nature of science that there will be some false-positives and false-negatives, even with the most carefully designed experiment. In order to aid in reproducibility and open science, our laboratory's goal is to provide protocols, 3D models for printing, and analysis code to all non-commercial parties. We will add and update these models and software here. 

Sensory plate for Neurotar imaging: (As seen in Keyes et al. 2021):

Sensory plate for non-head fixed behavior:


We are committed to rigorous science. To do so, we must not be afraid of different interpretation of our raw data. As papers are published, we will provide access to the extracted datasets, and we will make available raw images to interested parties. Please contact us. We are currently determining the best way to host our very large datasets (>1TB) for free distribution and reanalysis.